Providers of contract programming and computer consultation services.

Codewell was founded in 1986. Since then, its principals have designed, implemented and managed many interesting projects, including:
  • embedded programs for industrial measurement/operation,
  • various business processing systems,
  • email management software,
  • multimedia medical information systems, and
  • real-time data collection systems.


The Principals of Codewell have many years of varied experience.

  Jeff Mallatt   Dick Monahan

  Steve Sisak   Mike Webb   Dane Doehr

Mac drivers by IOXperts, Inc.

CodeWell LLC in California

Commitment to Quality

Modern quality management techniques require that quality be "designed in" to a product, rather than being "tested for" after the product has been built. In order to determine that quality work is being performed, it is necessary to have methods that encourage quality and standards to which the work can be compared. Codewell produces code of the highest quality by adhering to its methodology and standards.

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